You, a Gubbe?

Gubbe connects students and the elderly, who want company or need help for example with going out or visiting the grocery store.

Become a Gubbe

Earn money working a meaningful part time job, on your own schedule.

Earn money
The salary of a Gubbe is about 10€/hour. It is paid via, which means you'll be working as a light entrepreneur.
A meaningful job
As a Gubbe you have an opportunity to make an erlderly person more active and happier. At the same time you might gain a new friend and get valuable life lessons.
Gubbe community
The Gubbe community is a group of wonderful people, who also stay in touch outside of work.
Choose your own hours
On average, you'll work once a week (2 hours). You can affect the time you'll be working.

Work as a Gubbe

Most often the visits will consist of outdoor activities, home errands and being present, with no rush.

Outdoor activities & exercising
Walks, short outings, weelchair rides...
Help with errands
Taking care of errands together. A trip to the library, doctor, flea market, grocery store...
Being together
Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, sudokus, photos, playing music, playing cards, funny videos, poems...
Home errands
Cooking, baking, doing the laundry, vacuum cleaning, ordering the shelves, gardening...
Help with technology
Help with using a computer, tablet, phone or TV. Guidance to use the latest technologies.
Spending time together with activities that are pleasant to the both of you. Trips to the nature, museums, cinema, theater...